NASA: 2010 Warmest Year on Record

December 10, 2010

Raw Data here.
News coverage from Science:

The 2010 meteorological year, which ended on 30 November, was the warmest in NASA’s 130-year record, data posted by the agency today shows. Over the oceans as well as on land, the average global temperature for the 12-month period that began last December was 14.65˚C. That’s 0.65˚C warmer than the average global temperature between 1951 and 1980, a period scientists use as a basis for comparison.

The 2010 meteorological year was slightly warmer than the previous warmest year, the 2005 calendar year, when the average temperature was 14.53˚C.


Meanwhile, satellite data from skeptic Dr. Roy Spencer’s website shows November’s global anomaly to be +.38 C.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been reading about how cold things are in the UK, take a look at NASA’s temp anomaly maps for November.  You are looking down at the poles, and the red areas indicate regions that are warmer than the base period (an average from 1951 to 1980). Ginormous red. Little bitty cool spot over the north atlantic. Kind of puts news media spin in perspective.

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