Google Earth Engine and the Surui

December 3, 2010

Sometimes you come across an application of internet technology that is so cool, so potentially transformative and powerful, that it gives you hope that we really can turn this thing around.

See if this makes you feel that way.

A lot of people who read this blog are already active, or want to become active, in this, the most important human enterprise in history, – the struggle to awaken and empower enough people, quickly enough, to save us from our sleeping, unconscious, unevolved selves.  As Einstein said, we can’t solve our problems with the consciousness that created them. We have to transcend. See if this strikes you as that kind of transformative tool.

More on Google Earth Engine here –


2 Responses to “Google Earth Engine and the Surui”

  1. danolner Says:

    Awesome. A couple of related links from this week’s resilience science blogs –

    > ICT and climate change

    > Myths of IT and development.

    The hard part: getting the information signals to make any difference to governance processes. I’d also worry about information overload; Stafford Beer always emphasised the importance of information attenuation: in this case, one can imagine campaigning groups acting to do that job by focusing on particular campaigns. Yes, they get to decide what’s important – but they are also hugely successful in focusing energy to address problems. How will this distributed approach work?

    Having the data there is a start…

  2. Christine Says:

    Wonderful, and as you say, potentially game-changing. Shared!

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