House Science Committee to become Anti Science Committee

December 2, 2010

Here are the candidates for chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee.

Behind door number 1, Dana Rohrbacher, who has promised to expose and denounce what he regards as phony science of climate change – which is really a mask for an evil cabal bent on global governance.  Controls on carbon, he says, will make car and plane travel so expensive, that only the very wealthy will have those options, and “the rest of us will be stuck sitting next to gang members on public transportation.”

Behind door number 2, Rep. “Smoky Joe” Barton, right hand man of newly convicted Tom Delay, and best known for his abject apology to BP’s CEO for the American people’s timerity in seeking redress for a catastrophic man-made disaster – calling it a “tragedy of the first proportion.”

Then, there’s Rep. John Shimkus, who believes that God will make Climate Change go away.

Now, in terms of actual seniority, Rep. Ralph Hall of Texas is next in line – but it is not yet clear how hard he is going to fight for the position.  Rep. Hall is not as rabidly ideological on the issue, but makes it clear that he won’t brook any nonsense from city slickin’ whipper snappers trying to rebrand global warming as “Climate disruption”.


5 Responses to “House Science Committee to become Anti Science Committee”

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  2. BlueRock Says:

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

    To see a possible source of Rohrbacher’s hysterics over “radical environmentalism”:

  3. livinginabox Says:

    Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA46)
    Rohrabacher’s Dirty Energy Money $24,800: 12% Coal; 88% Oil

    “Smoky Joe” Barton
    Barton’s Dirty Energy Money $1,733,573: 42% Coal; 58% Oil

    John Shimkus (R-IL19)
    Shimkus’ Dirty Energy Money $551,831: 59% Coal; 41% Oil

    Ralph Hall (R-TX04)
    Hall’s Dirty Energy Money $642,059: 44% Coal; 56% Oil

    It’s fairly obvious that Rohrabacher is prostituting himself for lots more dirty energy money from the coal and oil industries.

  4. otter17 Says:

    Hmmm, if I were to make a decision…

    Door Number 1:
    This guy is far too much of an over-achiever. He seems like the most dangerous one of the bunch for reversing progress at the federal level.

    Door Number 2:
    A guy named “Smoky Joe” should not be a part of a committee that needs to figure out ways to reduce our nation’s emissions. Wow, and he gets far too much money from oil and coal companies.

    Door Number 3:
    Hmmm, there is a theological argument that we are living on a carbon-starved planet, eh? Well, in that case let’s start lighting oil/gas wells and coal mines on fire. I’m sure God will make a lot more fossil fuel for us to live luxurious lifestyles if we pray for it. Yep, life is good with God on your side.

    Door Number 4:
    Now here is my choice… a guy that nobody will understand half the time. He’ll just grumble a lot and try to obstruct change, but at least it doesn’t seem like there will be backwards progress.

  5. […] Shimkus is a candidate to become the chairman of the Science and Technology Committee. […]

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