US Military, despite Neanderthal Congress, Moves to deal with Climate Change

November 27, 2010

Admiral David Titley

If you’ve been watching the video series you’ve seen a number of clips of Admiral David Titley, the Navy’s Chief Oceanographer, who has made himself much more visible in recent months, speaking out about what he knows is happening to the oceans and the arctic.  This week, Old Dominion University hosted Admiral Titley in a forum on the topic.

Regardless of what’s being debated in Congress and state capitols across the nation, the U.S. Navy is readying for the effects of global climate change.

That means bracing for the likelihood that the Arctic Ocean may one day be free of ice and open to shipping. It means making sure low-lying infrastructure, such as Naval Base Norfolk, is protected from sea-level rise.”

“Whether you believe in the models or forecasts, there’s a good amount of data indicating that things are changing,” he said. “It’s an issue that’s real, and it’s an issue that affects our national security.”

This holiday season, if you’ve already had, or are anticipating encounters with Aunt Teabag or Uncle Dittohead, you might want to have handy the evidence of how the grown up realists in the US military are taking climate change seriously, even if Glenn Beck doesn’t.  Here are the videos, if you missed them.

5 Responses to “US Military, despite Neanderthal Congress, Moves to deal with Climate Change”

  1. jonjermey Says:

    “One day something may happen…”
    “Things are changing…”

    Good to see the Navy’s finest minds have decisively grasped the problem and got it under control. Where would we be if the Navy thought things weren’t changing?

  2. otter17 Says:

    I’ll have to show these videos to my father. It seems that any measurements or evidence gathered from government labs/agencies “are not to be trusted”. Also, scientists at private universities come to the conclusion of global warming because “that’s where their grant money comes from”.

    So… if scientific data doesn’t dispel the conspiracy theory stories he’s heard, I suppose I’ll have to use the argument “hey, look at these guys in the military and intelligence communities that are preparing for climate change”.

    Right now, I totally hate Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck for making my dad into a conspiracy theorist.

  3. greenman3610 Says:

    Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.
    Global Warming will seem like an ice age where they’re going.

  4. […] Admiral David Titley has an example on this issue – which goes as follows, — the portion of Co2 in the atmosphere is now about 390 parts per million, (ppm) or .039 percent – assuming a ‘business as usual’ approach to emissions, experts expect that level could reach over 800 ppm toward the end of this century. […]

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