The Climate Email Hack: One year out and Still Lame as Hell.

November 15, 2010

It’s been a year now, come wednesday, since the online publication of stolen
CRU emails.
For a quick recap, if you can stand it, of the humongous nothing-burger that denialists would like to call climate gate, you can review these videos.


I have a theory that right wingers who were in their formative years during the original Water gate scandal have grown up desperately searching for some kind of equivalent criminal activity among their political opponents – and lacking any evidence for that, have had to content themselves with the occasional stained dress.

Thus the continued need to apply the “gate” suffix to anything that could possibly be negatively spun.

One Response to “The Climate Email Hack: One year out and Still Lame as Hell.”

  1. DavidCOG Says:

    > …humongous nothing-burger…

    lol. I need to try and remember that one. 🙂

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