Hollywood Does Climate Change

November 10, 2010

The stories that we tell ourselves about the world shape our perception of reality.
And the way we tell our stories in the modern world, is through movies.
My most recent video about climate science in 1956 made the point that the science has been clear for a long time.
I started out with the famous Bell Telephone hour clip, which has been floating around the web for a while, but amazingly, a lot of people have not yet seen.
Then it moves on to a number of blockbusters and not-busters, which may or may not have had climate as a theme, but where a sense of climate change informs the view of man’s future.
It’s an interesting,and sometimes infuriating, exercise to see how the climate change paradigm has evolved in the collective consciousness – while we’ve only gone backwards in terms of dealing with it the “real world”. If you can think of films, tv shows or other media that have referenced climate change, send links here. We’ll review and revisit again in a future video.


4 Responses to “Hollywood Does Climate Change”

  1. Michael Searcy Says:

    It’s a horrible file, but you might consider “Highlander 2”.

  2. greenman3610 Says:

    got a link?

    • Michael Searcy Says:

      I meant to type “film” as opposed to “file”, so unfortunately (or fortunately considering how bad the film is) no I don’t have a link. Sorry.

  3. jghjr Says:

    One of my faves is from the original “Twilight Zone”. It’s about a woman who is an artist, a painter, and since the Earth is moving closer to the sun, it’s very hot and civilization is breaking down because the planet is doomed. She, and the other characters ultimately succumb to the heat, the oil paint melting and running down the canvases, as the Earth falls into the sun….

    Only for us to realize the woman is in a high fever and the whole story has been a fever dream. In reality it is bitter cold because the Earth is moving away from the sun, condemning everyone to an icy death.

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