The Koch Challenge

October 25, 2010

In a video that’s been widely posted on business and green sites around the net, a Cal State-LA student leader, Joel Francis, who is a Marine Corps veteran, former student body president, and a former debate team member, has challenged Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch to a debate on Koch’s funding of California’s anti-clean energy initiative, Prop. 23.

Proposition 23 is aimed squarely at destroying the most effective state-level actions on climate change and renewable energy, California’s AB 32. The Koch’s, representing their own oil interests, the climate denial community, and all things ignorant, evil and monstrous in general, of course, are pouring money into the state in this attempt to squash anyone that dares to challenge the supremacy of oil, oil money, and fossil fuel dependency. Joel Francis is calling them out, and is on his way to Kansas to deliver a challenge letter to Koch’s office on tuesday. Koch has beefed up security.  Stay tuned.

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Daily Kos

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