September Another Hot One

October 18, 2010

September was tied as the 8th warmest on record, and continued a string of warm months that made January to September the hottest on record.

2010 is on track to become the warmest year in the instrumental record, despite the swing from el nino (warming) to la nina (cooling) conditions in the pacific over recent months. (check the blue data points over the eastern pacific in the above graph) The National Climate Data Center figure above is the iconic fingerprint of the process, and the series of monthly updates is highly recommended to those following the issue. I very commonly use the figures in my presentations and videos. Remember that the points represent temperature anomalies, differences, higher or lower, from the average temps during the 1961–1990 reference period.

We eagerly await the cooling trend that denialists have been promising. Due to be starting annny time now…


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