Climate Scientists utterly destroy what’s left of Monckton’s Cred

September 22, 2010

Real Science. Real Scientists. What a concept.

The world’s most accomplished scientists have decisively debunked the “obvious and elementary errors” in “Lord” Monckton’s testimony before the US Congress, see here.

What’s pathetic is that this load of garbage is what passes for science among congressional republicans – who made Monkton their only witness in recent hearings.

“Lord” Christopher Monckton will presumably move on to his third career of  inventing common cold cures and peddling snake oil for AIDS sufferers.

Readers are urged to write to their representative and urge them to read this document.

2 Responses to “Climate Scientists utterly destroy what’s left of Monckton’s Cred”

  1. milesgrant Says:

    Have you been to the Smithsonian’s Hall of Human Origins exhibit, sponsored by David Koch, of Koch Industries fame? Just took a tour in this week’s National Wildlife Federation Climate Capsule, the Smithsonian deserves all the bad press it can get for selling science out to Koch:

  2. […] nearly as many errors as his earlier speeches. Ray and I, along with a number of other scientists thoroughly rebutted his testimony and submitted our findings to Congress on September 21st. We hoped to make it clear […]

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