Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan on the Greenhouse Effect

July 22, 2010

A lot of people still believe global warming is something Al Gore cooked up in 2006 to promote his movie.  The thousands of expert climate scientists whose work forms the consensus have no celebrity, no street cred with the average person. But for a lot of people, the archetypes of scientific expertise, are more popular media figures like Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan.
This came home to me once again, when I came across a recent posting on Yahoo Answers.

“I watched a Carl Sagan doc yesterday, where the late Mr Sagan was talking about Venus and runaway greenhouse effects. Also global warming. There seems to be a lot of recent debate over whether Global warming exists, (or that there’s evidence to support claims). Why was someone as well researched and genuine as carl sagan so convinced? Im very confused.”

As part of my effort to create postings that will appeal to diverse learning styles and ways of reasoning – I offer this to, once again, make clear again how wide and deep the consensus on this issue is.


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