Tonight’s Climate Crock Live – The Winter in review

April 1, 2010

We’ll be broadcasting the second week of the new ClimateCrocks Live webcast on the newly launched Climate TV website.

Live from the Gleaming towers of Vancouver

Last week was a good start, although we hope to iron out a few kinks. The interview is also available on Vimeo, so it’s embeddable.

Tonight we’ll be doing a review of this past winter, including showing It’s So Cold, There can’t be Global Warming, which outlines the causes of the December and January freeze that lead to so much heavy breathing in the deny-o-sphere.

Now, looking back at the last few months, we see that the heavy snowstorms were part of a pattern of huge precipitation events that has continued now into spring.

Those following Joe Romm’s indispensable ClimateProgress know that UAH satellite data continue to show the last few months, globally, as some of the warmest in the record.

We learn now that March was a record breaker on the warm side for Washington DC. Climate Scientists pay no attention, of course, to month to month changes, but you’d think the media, who couldn’t say enough about what the snowstorms of January meant for the climate debate, could bring themselves to acknowledge the irony.

The video will explain the Arctic Oscillation” phenomenon that was responsible for a lot of cold air over North America and Eurasia, and unusual warmth over much of the arctic.

NOAA view

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