12 Years a Slave

March 8, 2014

It’s been said more than once that co2 pollution is a moral issue like slavery for our time – and its pretty much the same people defending the powerful and entrenched interests today, that defended them in that not so distant time.

Watch it. But be warned, this is intense stuff.

Yeah, it’s historical fiction, but this is not like eating your broccoli.
One comes away shaken and mindful of how the country is still divided today, along the very same fault lines that crafty politicians and amoral media moguls seek to exploit.

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4 Responses to “12 Years a Slave”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    When I saw ’12 years’ I was immediately mindful that the filmmakers intention was to deliver to the audience ‘2 hours a slave’. It’s punishing and you are cast into kind of a well, only finally released, with the movies protagonist, in the last few minutes of film.

    It also made me mindful of the ‘Stanford Experiment’, Philip Zimbardo’s 1970s psychological experiment, in which half of student volunteers were randomly assigned to be ‘prison guards’ and the other half ‘prisoners’, and their behaviors monitored. The guards became almost immediately abusive, the prisoners skulking, lying, and cheating to gain favor with the guards. The experiment had to be ended after 6 days as it became too dangerous. Imagine not 6 days but 150 years of such an experiment, institutionalized to turn all of society into kind of a ‘prison system’. One legacy of slavery may be the way Americans, to this day, throw people into jail for any and all reasons (our rate of imprisonment is off-the-hook compared to the rest of the World), and that many long-term prisoners are people of color.

    • andrewfez Says:

      Part of it is the for-profit prison system who, like the fossil companies, has a commitment to government lobbying in order to increase profit. I let a group of potential jurors, a set of lawyers and a commissioner know the truth is out there the other day when i was being interviewed as a potential juror. Alas, I’m not the greatest orator.

      However changing the system would involve appealing to legislators who are lawyers and who have friends that are lawyers who make $$ off the present system. The ‘tough on crime’ mantra is always a political winner too as a dirt kicker can always throw up a story about how his/her opponent failed to stop, with their policy, some incident where a kid suffered some manner of evil.

  2. redskylite Says:

    Sad thing is that slavery still exists today just as bad as ever – in brothels, sweat shops and other unenlightened places.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    It is interesting that so few Crockers seem to want to pick up on what Peter has thrown out here by stating “CO2 pollution is a moral issue like slavery”. If we choose to beat on this topic for a while, I think we can certainly prove the truth of that statement AND extend it further into an understanding of why man is such a blight on the world.

    In spite of the exalted opinions we hold about our place in the world, we are just another animal like any other—almost. We have a particular sort of intelligence that allows us to manipulate our environment as no other animal can, as well as “rationalize” and justify whatever actions we may take towards each other and the rest of the biosphere.

    Animals in general kill for food or perhaps fight to keep from being killed and eaten by others. Very few kill for fun or for “ideology”. No animal enslaves another. Animals may damage their environments or harm other living things by their activities, but they do not possess the free will or ability to avoid doing so as modern man does. They eat, breed, raise young, and die—-and are kept in balance by the “laws of nature” (population dynamics) in the short term and by evolution/extinction over longer periods of time.

    Since man started living in large groups some 10,000 years ago, he has sought to exploit the environment and gain advantage over other humans. Any small groups who wanted to live at peace with each other and the environment were quickly wiped out (often enslaved) by those who chose to invent weapons rather than better plows.

    You can see where I’m going with this, so it’s not necessary to trace in detail the evolution of human society up through feudalism and kings to the present state of “modern industrial civilization”, capitalism, and rule by corporations and the greedy rich.

    We are in a state of slavery now, it has been produced by the same factors that have given us CO2 pollution, and I’m surprised that no one wants to pursue it. Ray Duray? Where are you? This is a thread where all your “anti’s” are appropriate and not off topic.

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