Classic Crocks Repost: 2012 Arctic Sea Ice

January 23, 2014

This one features Dr. Jennifer Francis prominently – I’m thinking of it because I’ll be interviewing Dr. Francis today on the Univ. of Michigan campus, where she will be giving a talk.  For that reason, I’m a little rushed this morning, more posts on the way.

Hope to catch at least one other prominent scientist as well.

I have not yet done a sea ice piece for the most recent season, but now that I have extended interview footage with Dr. Walt Meier, formerly of the NSIDC, now with NASA Goddard, I am trying to find the time.

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5 Responses to “Classic Crocks Repost: 2012 Arctic Sea Ice”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    BUT, BUT—-Arctic sea ice extent recovered during 2013 by a HUGE amount, didn’t it? And we are freezing our butts off in most of the U.S. There CAN’T really be a problem, can there?

    (I can’t believe that anyone with a brain could watch this video and still maintain that there was NOT a problem in the Arctic)

    • (Maintaining that there was NOT a problem in the Arctic – could actually be evidence of brain. Most brains are just a tool for the ego, individual or social, used to bend and distort outside reality into something acceptable for the madness inside. It happens that the most intelligent brains produce the most amazing stupidity.)

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Are you saying that I should have said “anyone with a properly functioning brain”, and further specified that “properly functioning” meant “unable to twist reality to suit the madness inside”? I can agree with that.

  2. fortranprog Says:

    An excellent short video that explains the Arctic effects visually to even an unscientific person like me. I have visited various glaciers here in New Zealand and can see the dramatic retreats for myself. Ms. Francis say “its helping people to wake up and realize it’s a big problem and we need to start doing something about it” – I’m sure she didn’t mean send out the oil exploration tackle and start drooling at the newly exposed mineral fields.

    In an interesting recent finding by New York Scientists is that what happens in the Arctic is also effecting the Antarctic region.

    and this echoes what paleoclimatology has found happening in past eras of climate change.

    History of The World courtesy of Penn State University ………………………………..

    ” The leading interpretation now is that poles are more important than equator, and north more important than south. When Canada and Eurasia received little summer sun, ice grew and the world cooled globally; when the sun increased in the high latitudes of the north, the world warmed and the ice shrank. The changes have been large-roughly 5 C to 6 C globally averaged–and switching from the modern level of about 10% of the land under ice (Greenland and Antarctica, primarily) to about 30% of the modern land area under ice (with glaciers over Erie and the Poconos in Pennsylvania, among many other places-note that when the ice spread, sea level fell, revealing land that is now under ocean, such that the total non-ice-covered land area was about the same then as now).”

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