Music Break: Electric Feel

August 23, 2013

I know I’ve posted this before.
Don’t care.
Y’all needed this and didn’t even know it.

I’m on the shore of Lake Michigan in a magical place for the weekend, and it’s sort of just exactly like the video, minus the dancing hippy chicks, music track, motorcycles, Chucky Cheese puppets, Rock stars, Rainforest, ┬áRam’s horns, and psychedelic rainbow mud.

The moon is here though.
The moon is definitely here.

5 Responses to “Music Break: Electric Feel”

  1. The shores of Lake Michigan are a magical place this time of year. Hard to explain to anyone whos never been there. Enjoy.
    Someone saw a picture of Lake Michigan I had once and asked what ocean it was. I said it wasnt, it was a Lake. Only over 300 miles long. Take a look at those breakers.

  2. Nick Carter Says:

    One of my favorites! Strange to like music with co-workers young enough to be my children. Thanks, Greenman. :)

  3. Nick Carter Says:

    You’re not at the Warner Vinyards in Paw Paw, are ye? Benton Harbor? Saugatuk?

  4. Nick Carter Says:

    Enjoy the solitude. Great for what ails us!

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