Why I Trust Obama on Climate – Part 2

January 25, 2013

In his confirmation hearings as Secretary of State, John Kerry’s powerful, ringing defense of climate science and renewable energy affirms and and expands the President’s inaugural declaration on climate change.

One of the first rules of management – People are Policy. In choosing Senator Kerry, Obama sent a  strong signal that makes me more confident in what I wrote earlier in the week.

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6 Responses to “Why I Trust Obama on Climate – Part 2”

  1. andrewfez Says:

    And this one too…

  2. Brian G Valentine Says:

    I was in Iraq when that idiot, Kerry, came to visit the “soldiers” beneath his contempt.

    Kerry was as welcome as an IED in in the Green Zone.

    With the monetary help of his wife Kerry gets to play liberal Caligula.

    You need psychiatric help for your “adulation” of him

  3. [...] jobs and leadership. And we better go after it,” John Kerry says. Anyway, watch the video (thanks to Peter Sinclair for sharing it, and thanks to Think Progress for uploading [...]

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