Kickstarter Fundraiser Kickoff. Help Put Climate Crocks on Ice!!

June 25, 2012

Starting today, you can help kickstart Climate Crocks to a whole new level – at

As of now, I am starting a 3 week fundraiser aimed at outfitting myself to join a scientific team on Washington’s Mt Baker, an active volcano in the Cascades Range.  I’ve been invited by one of the world’s foremost glacier experts, (and an advisor to this series..) Dr. Mauri Pelto, to come along and document his annual research foray onto a rapidly declining mountain glacier.

Unlike well-funded, professional climate deniers, I don’t have the Heartland Institute, The Koch Brothers, Oil, Fossil Fuel, and Tobacco Companies paying my way. If this is going to happen, I have to rely on my viewers to jump in and help out, as many have in the past.

Therefore, from now until midnight, Friday, July 13th, I’m running a fundraiser on, a crowd sourcing site with a good track record, and inviting any and all friends of Climate Crocks – if you’ve ever thought about what you could do to help communicate the science on the issue of the millennium, here’s one of the most direct and efficient opportunities you could have.

My first goal is to get there and back with all my fingers and toes intact, so I’ll need to outfit myself with some decent mountain gear and the appropriate tools.  With any luck, this will be stuff I can use on future research expeditions as well. Then I have to have some resources for travel and accommodations.  I have therefore set a modest funding goal of 4000 dollars. Imagine what it would cost some giant organization to get where I’m going and do what I’m going to do – any gift you give is going to go a lot farther than it would almost anywhere else!

Under kickstarter rules, I have to raise ALL of the goal by the deadline, or none of the pledges will be collected. If I go OVER the goal, then that’s great, and more resource that will quickly be plowed into better cameras, better sound, and more videos.

Now – here’s the cool part – you can get some GREAT gifts for pitching in – Just look!!

$25 or more:

Disc 1 of the three DVD collections of the earliest Climate Crock videos!
Save ‘em, swap em, collect ‘em, show ‘em on your local cable channel!
Bring ‘em to your local tea party meeting and watch the fireworks!

Disc One:  –
•Party like its 1998
•2009 Arctic Ice Update
•”Creepy at the EPA!”
•”Birth of a Climate Crock”
•”The Temp Leads Carbon Crock!” (first edition)

$50 or more:

Three Disc Set of Climate Crock Classics:
Disc One, see above.

Disc Two
•”32,000 Scientists!”
•”It’s so Cold, there Can’t be Global Warming”
•”Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack” Part 1 – the story of ‘Climate Gate’
•”Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack” Part 2 •”In the 70s, Scientists Said there’d be an Ice Age”

Disc Three
•”How do We Know About Climate Change?”
•”Flogging the Scientists”
•Renewables Solution of the Month: Hybrid Cars
•Renewable Solution of the Month: Wind

$100 or more:

Long before there was Climate Denial Crock of the Week, there was Alex’s Restaurant, the first green cartoon strip, syndicated (briefly) in papers across the planet. I put the strip together in part inspired by James Hansen’s testimony to congress in 1988, and for a few years in the early 90s, it was syndicated by the giant King Features syndicate.  I like to think it was ahead of its time – but it still exists in book form.

These are true collector’s items, I’ve had book and comic collectors write to me over the years about finding them in out of the way book shops and garage sales. I have 75 mint condition copies, ready to go for anyone that wants a piece of Climate Crocks, not to mention comics, history.

This volume, published by Crossing Press in 1993, features the first year and a half or so. Comes with the DVD set mentioned above, as well.

“There are so many strips around with no heart…..Alex’s feels real and has a ring to it – the drawing is terrific!” -Pulitzer winner Jim Borgman

“The drawings are great, and the IDEAS are wonderful!”  – Pulitzer winner Mike Peters

Those that have been watching this series and reading this blog can judge for themselves what an opportunity like this could mean, and what I’ll bring home from this trek.  My commitment is to keep learning, keep growing, keep speaking and spreading the best information possible.

The fundraiser starts now. There are 18 days to go.

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17 Responses to “Kickstarter Fundraiser Kickoff. Help Put Climate Crocks on Ice!!”

  1. jdouglashuahin Says:

    “Unlike well-funded, professional climate deniers, I don’t have the Heartland Institute, The Koch Brothers, Oil, Fossil Fuel, and Tobacco Companies paying my way.” I am a anthropogenic global warming denier and proud to be among the ranks of this ever expanding group. In 2008 I took the trek up to Everest Base camp starting out flying into Lukla and fortunately the airplane did not crash like a one did later that same year killing 18 people at what is called the most dangerous airport in the world because the run way is 65′ by 1,800′ that is on a 11% grade stuck on a hill side at 9,757′

    In 2010 I did the Annapurna circuit that takes one over Thorung La Pass that at 17,769′ is the highest trekking pass in the world and last year I took 8 days to go up the Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro and discovered that the coming down was what about got me the last day, but I did make it. In 2007 I climbed 13,435′ Mount Kinabalu in Saba province of Malaysia on Borneo Island that was scoured by glaciers during Pleistocene era. I know you could care less about any of this but the point is; I paid for all of these trips out of my own pocket and did not ask anyone for any thing and that is just the way I am. You have inspired me to send in a contribution to Heartland; so, thanks for that.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      “ever expanding group”
      Have you seen the polls lately?
      Congrats on your mountain climbing exploits. Be safe.

    • vrooomie Says:

      OK, so now that we know what a stud-muffin you are, by your loudly self-trumpeted post, we also know you support an organization that uses ZERO science to back up its denialist tripe. Glad that you identify yourself so, and align yourself with an organization that sees fit to equate those of us who UNDERSTAND the science with terrorists.

      As someone said…be safe. folks with heads your size often lose their balance on big boy mountains.

  2. […] be surveying the glacier covering the glacier top to bottom and side to side. We will be joned by Peter Sinclair who is going to use is videography skills to examine how we measure glacier change. The first image […]

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